Best wedding photography prices in Leeds, Doncaster, Wakefield & York areas


When enough…is enough!

2014 will see the best prices in wedding photography to date. Not only will we keep introducing new offers throughout the year, but we will continue to offer last year’s prices!


Booking well in advance is key
There’s no sense in waiting until the very last moment to book your wedding photographer, time really is of the essence! Saving money is one thing, but not having a good wedding photography could totally ruin your wedding day dreams.
Everyone seems to have jumped on the wedding band wagon
( Tiny rant ) From rip off wedding venues to laughable prices for chairs covers, it appears that the world and his wife are trying to get in on the cash from your wedding budget. ( rant over )
It’s just common sense really
Our advice is simple: Spend your money on essentials first -the things that you must have- then by all means spoil yourselves with what is left over. Because hey!, we all like little treat don’t we? 🙂
We will even count ourselves into the “don’t over spend” category.
Our ethos is:
Get the important things first, like a set of really good wedding photographs 😉 because you can always add an album later on if that is your wish.
Hope you didn’t mind the homely parental advice (?)…just wanted to underline our low prices.

Till next time…